Be a corporate pilot and explore the skies of Africa and the possibility of visiting the main cities, taking advantage of the new realistic scenery files of each airport. The IFR African Cities Tour will give you a new coverage of Addons that have been developed to give a better simulation environment to Africa.

Seja um piloto corporativo e Explore os céus de África, com a possibilidade de visitar as principais cidades e usufruir dos cenários realísticos de cada aeroporto. O Tour IFR African Cities, pirmitir-lhe-á conhecer uma nova cobertura de Addons que têm sido desenvolvido para dar um melhor amibiente de simulação a África.


* Make sure you have all the needed charts for each aerodrome.
* All legs must be flown in the order given.
* All legs must be flown in real time.
* No slewing allowed.
* No direct flights.
* Reporting of Winds Aloft is mandatory. Legs not automatically validated due to exceeding MAX TAS will be rejected. 
* In the case of varying winds report the maximum tail wind.

Type of aircraft - Corporate, jets or propjet, or any executive version aircraft. (Not larger than BBJ or Airbus CJ)


Author:  Alexandre SilvaEste endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar.


Upon completion of this tour, you will be awarded with the   Business Jet Tour badge.


In order to improve your experience in P3d and FSX, you can download and install the following scenery files.

Para melhorar sua experiência no P3d ou no FSX, você pode baixar e instalar os seguintes cenários.


P3d : HERE


Charts : HERE


Leg Departure Arrival Distance
1 Luanda Int. (FNLU) Windhoek (FYWH) 852NM
2 Windhoek (FYWH) CapeTown (FACT) 691NM
3 CapeTown (FACT) Maseru (FXMM) 530NM
4 Maseru (FXMM) Maputo (FQMA) 340NM
5 Maputo (FQMA) Johannesburg (FAOR) 285NM
6 Johannesburg (FAOR) Harare (FVHA) 517NM
7 Harare (FVHA) Gaborone (FBSK) 223NM
8 Gaborone (FBSK) Lusaka (FLLS/FLKK) 571NM
9 Lusaka (FLLS/FLKK) Lilongwe (FWKI) 322NM
10 Lilongwe (FWKI) Antananarivo (FMMI) 843NM
11 IVATO (FMMI) Plaisance (FIMP) 585NM
12 Plaisance (FIMP) Moroni (FICH) 986NM
13 Moroni (FICH) Dar Es Salam (HTDA) 368NM
14 Dar Es Salam (HTDA) Nairobi (HKJK) 360NM
15 Nairobi (HKJK) Addis Ababa (HAAB) 627NM
16 Addis Ababa (HAAB) Juba (HSSJ) 494NM
17 Juba (HSSJ) Khartoum (HSSS) 645NM
18 Khartoum (HSSS) N'Djamena (FTTJ) 1041NM
19 N'Djamena (FTTJ) Cairo (HECA) 1412NM
20 Cairo (HECA) Tripoli (HLLT) 946NM
21 Tripoli (HLLT) Tunis (DTTA) 289NM
22 Tunis (DTTA) Algiers (DAAG) 336NM
23 Algiers (DAAG) Casablanca (GMMN) 566NM
24 Casablanca (GMMN) Nouakchott (GQNN) 1020NM
25 Nouakchott (GQNN) Sal (GVAC) 408NM
26 Sal (GVAC) Dakar (GOOY) 337NM
27 Dakar (GOOY) Freetown (GFLL) 445NM
28 Freetown (GFLL) Ouagadougou (DFFD) 724NM
29 Ouagadougou (DFFD) Abidjan (DIAP) 449NM
30 Abidjan (DIAP) Accra (DGAA) 225NM
31 Accra (DGAA) Abuja (DNAA) 487NM
32 Abuja (DNAA) Yaoundé (FKYS) 407NM
33 Yaoundé (FKYS) Malabo (FGSL) 170NM
34 Malabo (FGSL) S. Tomé (FPST) 235NM
35 S. Tomé (FPST) Libreville (FOOL) 162NM
36 Libreville (FOOL) Brazzaville (FCBB) 449NM
37 Brazzaville (FCBB) Catumbela (FNCT) 505NM


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