RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minima

RVSM means Reduced Vertical Separation Minima - or in plain english the reduction of the vertical separation required between FL290 and FL410 from 2000ft to 1000ft. By doing this you double the amount of airspace available, therefore doubling the traffic capacity. With the skies getting busier and busier every day the need for more room has become more and more important.
In the real world aircraft must have some equipment aboard to be RVSM certified and therefore take advantage of the reduced separation minimum.
Aircraft who do not meet the standards are excluded from RVSM airspace except for the purpose of climbing or descending to/from the CVSM airspace above FL410. (Exceptions do exist though, see bottom of page for complete listing.)
In the real world this was a costly affair for operators who still had older aircraft in their fleet. On IVAO there isn't much to it, as any aircraft can be considered RVSM, or non-RVSM.


Pilots flying through RVSM airspace continue using the Odd-East / West-Even rule up to FL410, after which the airspace becomes CVSM.
Use the following table for reference:

RVSM airspace (the new way)

West track (180°-359°) Even Altitudes: 4,000 ft 6,000 ft 8,000 ft 10,000 ft 12,000 ft 14,000 ft 16,000 ft FL 180 ... FL 280 FL 300 FL 320 FL 340 FL 360 FL 380 FL 400 FL 430 FL 470 FL 510 ...
East track (000°- 179°) Odd Altitudes: 5,000 ft 7,000 ft 9,000 ft 11,000 ft 13,000 ft 15,000 ft 17,000 ft FL 190 ... FL 290 FL 310 FL 330 FL 350 FL 370 FL 390 FL 410 FL 450 FL 490 FL 530